Whether or not you have already heard, Windows 10 is on its way.  Currently it is still in development but based on past releases of the OS, Oct 22, 2015 could be the day.

Why Windows 10?

I think it is safe to say that Count von Count from Sesame Street isn’t in charge of  version naming. Ah-ah-ah. The microsoft trend in unorthodox naming conventions is something that we will just have to get used too. Let us not forget their aptly(?) named gaming system  xbox one which followed the xbox 360. Makes sense, right?

Good news everybody!

Whether or not you were or are a fan of Windows 8 or it’s update to 8.1(the latter has grown on me), Windows 10 will be offered as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and up for a full year after its release. That is a hard deal to beat considering operating systems are not cheap. Staying as current as possible is critical when you take in to consideration security. The more out of date that your OS becomes, the more vulnerable you may become to virus & malware which can lead to ransomware. Trust me, you don’t want that. But don’t fret yet, this is really only an issue when software companies stop supporting operating systems. For example the fan favorite, Windows XP.  As difficult and intimidating as it can be to learn how to use a new operating system, software developers truly are doing what they can to make user experience as pleasant as possible.  Although I have to say, it does seem as though they change it just enough…to piss you off.

If you so choose…

If you are interested in this free update, when the time comes, TnR PC Specialists will be glad to assist you with the upgrade. In the mean time if you are in need of affordable computer repair or service please contact us

From the horses mouth.

Interested in learning more? Please follow the link(s) provided:

Official Microsoft blog post about Windows 10



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